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Serving our troops since 2004

Job Well Done!

After 17 years of operating every month, the Military Support Group of Alachua County is closing up shop.  This was a difficult decision that was not made lightly.  The Board of Directors had many conversations and discussed all considerations. With the withdrawal of troops from the middle east, we realized that our very worthy mission was complete. Our last general meeting was on November 4th, 2021.

Through this group, our community has provided perhaps as many as twenty thousand care packages to troops who were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The group was able to do this through donations of items, money and postage by individuals, companies and organizations throughout Alachua County and the surrounding areas.

We often received letters back from the care package recipients thanking us and telling us how good it is to have received a piece of home in a box.  Some returned from deployment and visited our group, thanking us personally for the support.  And we were always ready to listen together and offer support to those who waited for their loved one to return.

While the mission of this group has come to an end, we have seen what a group of patriots can do with a mission and motivation.  The Board of Directors truly hopes you will seize this opportunity to seek out other ways to serve our active duty military and our veterans.

Thank you to all who have supported us through the years.  We wish each of you the very best in all of your future endeavours.